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Are you struggling to retain your top performers and efficiently manage your distributed teams?

Great employees usually leave because they feel overwhelmed operationally, underappreciated and left in the dark when it comes to company culture and vision.

How Moonstar can help you

Leaders today are facing a loyalty crisis

Employees who are likely to leave aren't looking for a raise. They're hoping for better work environments.

43% of employees would likely leave their job for a better work culture


Employees consistently rate company culture as the biggest driver for on-the-job engagement. To create a highly engaged, high performing organization, you need to be purposeful in designing micro-moments that shape your people’s experience at work. Build your culture and performance moment by moment and unleash the true potential of your employees and business.
  • Communication

  • Praise

  • Surveys

  • Group thinking

  • Engaging learning

  • Onboarding

Digital learning saves up to 60% of your employees’ time


The number one challenge learners face is the lack of time to learn on the job. Streamline learning and make it easy and engaging for your teams to develop the skills needed with our highly interactive and user-friendly Learning Experience Platform. Free up time to focus on what really matters: your teams’ knowledge and ability to get things done.


Effective Learner Management

Create your own organizational architecture and bespoke audiences.

Seamless Course Creation

Design microlearning to minimize your learners’ time and maximize impact.

Impactful Communication

Keep your learners engaged and up-to-date using push notifications and chat.

Powerful Analytics

Track the real-time progress of your teams and create custom analytics reports.

Don’t waste your people’s time on uninspiring or irrelevant learning

Empower your teams with impactful learning at their fingertips


94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their development. But for them to engage, content has to tick some boxes: relevant, actionable, easy-to-consume. Get access to 69 micro-modular digital missions, covering dozens of essential topics, and equip your team with the knowledge they need to succeed. Designed by thought leaders from Ivy League universities, each topic involved 100 hours of research and is created to ensure learning sticks.
  • Management

  • Communication

  • Productivity

  • Customer service

  • Onboarding

  • Customized

  • Moonstar has helped our employees better understand our policies and procedures through their easy to use platform. Being able to make our training more interactive and lively has helped our employees better learn the material and leave a lasting impression in their daily work life. We have received a lot of positive feedback from employees who have expressed their eagerness to use the platform. It is not only easy to navigate as a student, but as a creator as well. Customer service is also clearly important to them as I am able to reach Moonstar Support Team any time with questions and they get back to me right away. I highly recommend the use of Moonstar for training purposes!      
    Rebecca L., Human Resources Lead of a leading 350-staff kindergarten chain
  • With other suppliers, we were just one of thousands of clients, so if we had a request, it would obviously get nowhere. But since we’ve been using Moonstar, the team offered their support whenever we needed and the initiative has become much more bespoke to what I wanted and to what the teachers at Transylvania College wanted.
    Harry S., Head of Professional Development of a 115-teacher staff International Cambridge School
  • We chose Moonstar and the blended learning micro modular approach through which our colleagues could access the theory in Moonstar’s digital platform anytime, anywhere, on their mobile phones. We then brought them to a classroom setting to embed the learning, reducing total classroom time to a third.
    Roccos C., CEO of a leading 250-staff bakery and coffee chain
  • I loved learning with Moonstar. The step-by-step trainings on how to develop as a first time manager covered everything from how to structure my work in the first sixty days, to how to build rapport with my team and successfully set goals that are relevant for us and for the company. I feel now I have the knowledge and self-confidence to engage in ambitious work.
    Dan O., Head of Marketing at a multinational search-engine company


Empower your people wherever they are. Leverage technology to deliver measurable results and build a culture for people to love.

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